Don’t forget the annual check up on your Legault Trailer!
It is your responsibility to make sure that you have a valid inspection-certificate decal on the front left-side of your trailer. You must have your trailer inspected each year by a licensed motor-vehicle inspection mechanic. You are also responsible for ensuring the vehicle you are driving is fit for highway use. Legault Trailers is fully licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Transportation to complete safety certifications for all trailers. For more information on this topic, please visit the Trucks Handbook page from the Ministry of Transportation’s website.

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Who better to repair your Legault Trailer than the ones who built it?
No one knows your Legault Trailer better than we do and no one will provide you with the level of service we offer. We will go the extra mile to make it right. Let us make your trailer work like new again.
We offer a 2-year warranty on all our trailers.
Legault Trailers carry a full two-year warranty on any defects and/or workmanship.
Misuse and normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty.
Rustproof your Legault Trailer today!
We now offer rustproofing on all our trailers and have teamed up with Phil Roy Service Station NAPA Autopro in Limoges where you will receive a special volume discount rate on your Legault Trailer. We put our trust in Phil’s team because they are diligent, they pay special attention to ensure proper coverage in areas that need it the most, and they take pride in their work. Extend the life of your trailer, call Phil today.
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Leasing your Legault Trailer is easier than ever!
With The Make It Happen Lease™ offered through our partner of choice, the National Leasing Group, and their 5-minute online application, no-wait funding, and worry-free flexible plans, they give you peace of mind when you need it. Make the smart decision, lease your Legault Trailer with NLG, they will not disappoint. Check out this short video and visit their website to learn more.
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  • Low interest rates
  • No down payment
  • Flexible terms
  • Fast approvals
  • Professional service
  • Exclusive equipment leasing experts
Insurance you can trust!
Not all insurance companies will insure heavy equipment such as our trailers, so if you find it difficult to get coverage for your Legault Trailer, fear not…instead contact Tatum Potter at who will be more than happy to find you the proper coverage for your Legault Trailer.